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6th Annual Orlando Folk Festival at Mennello Museum of Art

Sunday, March 4, 2007

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Cyd & Hal Cyd & Hal One Street Over M.T. Pawketts M.T. Pawketts M.T. Pawketts
jonathan.gif (475573 bytes) barry_2.gif (428532 bytes) county_line_1.gif (280582 bytes) wild_sound_man.gif (256226 bytes) bill_and_eli.gif (227502 bytes) barry_3.gif (415222 bytes)
Jonathan Barry Musicians behind the tent Sound Man Gone Wild! Bill & Eli Barry
county_line_3.gif (255978 bytes) county_line_2.gif (253989 bytes) sybil_1.gif (269746 bytes) sybil_and_friends.gif (239464 bytes) general_1.jpg (162804 bytes) general_2.gif (318034 bytes)
County Line Bluegrass County Line Bluegrass Sybil Sybil and Friends General shots
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around the festival grounds on Sunday


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