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Allen Brothers Band Barnstorm

CFF's new


The sound


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Charlie &


Barry Bill & Eli Jackson Creek
barnyard_crowd_1_700.jpg (38806 bytes) amundsens_barnyard_700.jpg (32297 bytes) barn_crowd_1_700.jpg (32710 bytes) church_crowd_1_700.jpg (30907 bytes) joel_margie_700.jpg (32686 bytes) kid_on_cff_table_1_700.jpg (32014 bytes)
The audiences were happy Margie & Joel I need a nap
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Ben Dehart Young audience Jazzmin Jazzmin Dell Hoyt Depot audience
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Everyone had fun at the jam tent Best seat in the house
crowd_family_stage_1_700.jpg (70254 bytes) jubals_kin_3_700.jpg (44481 bytes) jubals_kin_6_700.jpg (31385 bytes) jubals_kin_9_700.jpg (38139 bytes) mattie_ducks_1_700.jpg (38455 bytes) jeffery_ducks_700.jpg (53085 bytes)
Now I can see Jubal's Kin Feed the ducks
kehli_kids_depot_1_700.jpg (28160 bytes) kehli_kids_depot_2_700.jpg (38607 bytes) kehli_kids_depot_4_700.jpg (21982 bytes) men_of_the_house_depot_700.jpg (22951 bytes) matthew_sabatello_1_700.jpg (32920 bytes) sweet_tea_2_700.jpg (25166 bytes)
The Kehli Kids Men of the House Matthew Sabatello Sweet Tea
mullet_run_700.jpg (23140 bytes) new_river_bluegrass_1_700.jpg (26753 bytes) surf_road_project_1_700.jpg (33516 bytes) morse_falmily_church_4_700.jpg (25135 bytes) morse_family_church_1_700.jpg (23621 bytes) morse_family_depot_1_700.jpg (23102 bytes)
Mullet Run New River Bluegrass Surf Road Project Morse Family Band
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Saturday final jam Heat the rim Pour water on the rim to shrik it to fit The finished wagon wheel
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Point the way Who stole my hair?