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Wednesday Tunes Every Week in the Orlando Area - 7:30 P.M.!

But at different Places in different Spaces so read carefully!

1st Wednesday - Click Here

2nd Wednesday - Click Here 

3rd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays - Click Here

3rd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays:
The Wednesday Tunes version of the Greater Orlando Tunes Society, Amalgamated, (GOTSA) is held at  the Hartmanns' on the third, fourth, and the 5th Wednesday of each month (if it coincides with a Special Moon, Druidic Holiday,or a High Tide.)  Ceremonies are at 1209 Formosa Ave.  Winter Park, 32789  (further direction below).  The jam is for all, but leans very heavily to fiddle tunes, Central Florida style, all genres are welcome but Old Time rules at this jam. The music begins around 7:30ish, or a little earlier depending on traffic and weather, usually running to 9:30ish,  and to be assured of comfortable seating bring a chair if you can (unless you're on the list, and if you are, you know you are.....Dan, please do not bring a chair, as we covet your fine padded seats...)

Directions from the North....I-4 heading to south to Tampa, get off at the Fairbanks exit and turn left under I-4 (east); proceed to the first traffic light approx. 1/4 mile and turn right onto Formosa (south).  Proceed through the stop sign at Minnesota, count eight buildings on the right (west side) and you'll see a two story house with a blue awning attached to the front between the circular drives.  Pull through the wood fence on the south side, park, and come through the rear door, where you go left, and left again up the stairs and you are there. 

Directions from the South....I-4 heading towards Sanford, exit at the Par Ave ramp; at the bottom go left.  Immediately ahead is the stoplight for Formosa, turn right and saunter along approx. 3/8 of a mile; all the above is on your left side.......
Please keep yourself loose as a moose, that we may close up the circle and enjoy the interplay of instruments around the room.  Beware, banjo players are known to twitch if not playing in D or A, spraying spittle in several directions....so leave a little space....

Call 407-898-2929 if any questions.....
Dress code >>> Casual semi-urban
We'll leave the lights on..........,
Bruce & Sharon

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2nd Wednesday:
This week, and every 2nd Wednesday of subsequent months and from now until perpetuity, (or further notice) GOTSA (Greater Orlando Tunes Society, Amalgamated), will be held at Alice (Mad Dog) Milmoe's residence, located close to Apopka, the Fern Capital of the World!! 
The shindig will commence at 7:30 PM; late arrivals will have to guess in what key the tune currently being played is to gain admission (try D, you can't go wrong). Please note the directions below are given to the 10th of a imperial mile, requiring precise calibration of your odometers....Also please note that the directions are from I-4 at Maitland, further investigation will reveal there are other roads that go there, some of them much closer and convenient depending on your location.... 
From I-4, take Maitland Blvd. (414) East (Exit 90?), 4.3 miles to 441.  Right (north) on 441 1.7 miles to Piedmont Wekiwa.  You've just passed Walmart on the left & Fairwinds Credit Union on the right.  Take the 2nd street to the right, Piedmont Lakes Blvd.  Take either the 3rd street or the 5th street on the right.  My street is a circle.*  I'm at 1233 Lake Piedmont Circle.
Bring a chair if possible to insure seating, tune your instrument upon arrival; it is not necessary for you to tune to A440, whatever you're happy with will be just fine.......Ms. Milmoe's phone number is 407-884-9514 if you would like to check in with her, or acquire additional information.
Please forward to the Free World, support your local acoustic music, pray for peace...
The Guitar Dawg
* She means it loops around, it's only a half-circle... at best.....

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