Mary Beth and Friends

Mary Beth Campbell and Friends graced our stage today.  Mary Beth brought her husband, Chris (Bass, Guitar, Vocals), Glenn Johnston (Banjo, Guitar, Vocals), Jonathan Hodge (3 time Florida State Fiddle champion), and Jonathan's wife Sheri (all manner of percussion and rhythm instruments).  And, of course, Mary Beth brought her guitar, wonderful voice and all those great songs she wrote.  Of course, Chris and Glenn brought a selection of their original songs as well.

This year, we've tried to have the younger set for opening acts.  It was great to have Gailanne and Roger Amundsen to open the show.  They left the Will McClean Festival a little early just to share their talents with us.  It's hard to believe that Roger is only 18 and Gailanne is 12.  Last time I saw them, they were performing on the Depot Stage in Barberville.  If they're playing this good now, what are they going to do when they grow up!

Gailanne_Roger.gif (104775 bytes)

Gailanne and Roger had a great opening set

Marybeth_1.gif (66004 bytes) Marybeth_3.gif (106287 bytes) Marybeth_2.gif (76111 bytes)

Chris took a lead

Marybeth_4.gif (152783 bytes) Marybeth_glenn.gif (158912 bytes)
Glenn took a lead on banjo Glenn took a lead on guitar

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