Austin Coffee and Film

929 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 975-3364

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Open Mic every Tuesday - 8 - 11 PM 
Christian Summer is the host
Sign up begins at 7:30 PM


Photos from March - May 2007

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Dirt McCoy is your host Tre and Andrew will serve you tonight There's always a good crowd, including Dirt McCoy and Fish Flaps
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Dirty Soap Emma X does a lot of protest songs Lauren is a bit more suttle
performer_3.gif (470759 bytes) stephen_morgan.gif (359401 bytes) stephen_morgan_2.gif (422875 bytes) derek.gif (475936 bytes)
Johnny Dina Stephen Morgan of The Republican Dance Party does a solo tonight Derek is the tallest performer

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March 27, 2007 Photos

ryan_winford.gif (387902 bytes) surf_and_surf.gif (242406 bytes) trailer_park_refugees_1.gif (219537 bytes) trailer_park_refugees_2.gif (217185 bytes) christian.gif (397738 bytes)
"Super" Ryan Winford Surf and Surf stuck to Instrumentals

Trailer Park


Christian Summer

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April 3, 2007 Photos

ben_1.jpg (189443 bytes) ben_2.jpg (133544 bytes) chandler.jpg (136383 bytes) christian.jpg (186916 bytes) dirt_1.jpg (174009 bytes)
Ben Ben Chandler Christian Dirt McCoy
crowd_1.jpg (98863 bytes) crowd_2.jpg (106731 bytes) crowd_3.jpg (83260 bytes) dirty_soap.jpg (75748 bytes) frank_and_nate.jpg (79108 bytes)
Matt & Ranson The crowd was enjoying the evening Dirty Soap Frank & Nate
fish_flaps.jpg (184613 bytes) travis_reed.jpg (158850 bytes) michael.jpg (177534 bytes) johnny_dina.jpg (167709 bytes) frank.jpg (138231 bytes)
Fish Flaps Travis Reed Michael Johnny Dina Frank solo
toby.jpg (148234 bytes) tre_and_refugees.jpg (75686 bytes) tim_1.jpg (86666 bytes) tim_2.jpg (86853 bytes)
Toby Tre joined The Refugees

Tim played 

drums & sang

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April 10, 2007 Photos

refugees.jpg (87866 bytes) ayana.jpg (90306 bytes) dirty_soap.jpg (95891 bytes) tre.jpg (95386 bytes) the_spheres.jpg (72084 bytes)
Trailer Park Refugees Aiyana Cadwell Dirty Soap Tre will fix you a great meal The Spheres
emma.jpg (136177 bytes) christian.jpg (133420 bytes) jay.jpg (128275 bytes) johnny_dina.jpg (148832 bytes) remington.jpg (113185 bytes)
Emma X Christian Jay Johnny Dina Remington
michelle.jpg (133971 bytes)


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May 1, 2007 Photos

artie_700.jpg (138086 bytes) dan_lugo_700.jpg (187913 bytes) dirt_700.jpg (172219 bytes) ben_700.jpg (167845 bytes) ben_1_700.jpg (172273 bytes)
Artie Dan Lugo Dirt McCoy Ben Ben
chris_hall_700.jpg (137636 bytes) fish_flaps_700.jpg (145107 bytes) justin_woppler_700.jpg (180092 bytes) toby_700.jpg (151848 bytes) emma_700.jpg (188560 bytes)
Chris Hall Fish Flaps on his Birthday Justin Woppler from Tennessee did original Christian and love songs Toby did his stand-up comic routine Emma-X, with her new drummer
tim_1_700.jpg (144942 bytes) jen_700.jpg (135985 bytes) mike_700.jpg (135302 bytes) the_spheres_700.jpg (73841 bytes)
Tim Jen Mike The Spheres
audience_1_700.jpg (102105 bytes) audience_2_700.jpg (73841 bytes) dan_alicia_700.jpg (86387 bytes)

The inside


Dan and Alicia outside
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May 8, 2007 Photos

toby_700.jpg (124857 bytes) audience_1_700.jpg (103763 bytes) audience_2_700.jpg (85290 bytes) audience_3_700.jpg (93986 bytes) ben_2_700.jpg (140882 bytes)
Toby Ben
ben_and_alex_700.jpg (141010 bytes) ben_700.jpg (120816 bytes) billy_jewel_700.jpg (133863 bytes) dirt_and_rocky_700.jpg (97461 bytes) brad_beard_700.jpg (126764 bytes)
Ben & Alex Ben Billy Jewel Rocky & Dirt Brad Beard
jason_willis_700.jpg (155984 bytes) fish_flaps_700.jpg (146894 bytes) dirty_soap_700.jpg (100505 bytes) jen_700.jpg (129706 bytes) jose_700.jpg (125501 bytes)
Jason Willis Fish Flaps Dirty Soap Jen Jose
lauren_700.jpg (123997 bytes) matt_700.jpg (124326 bytes) the_spheres_700.jpg (92164 bytes) rob_and_john_700.jpg (85958 bytes) mike_700.jpg (120407 bytes)
Lauren Matt The Spheres Rob & John Mike
artie_700.jpg (134495 bytes) matt_practicing_700.jpg (85789 bytes) tre_and_artie_700.jpg (136976 bytes)
Artie Matt practicing outside Tre and Artie
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May 15, 2007 Photos

refugees_700.jpg (108539 bytes) jenn_700.jpg (179467 bytes) rich_montauk_project_700.jpg (158082 bytes) fred_700.jpg (150242 bytes) andrew_700.jpg (144349 bytes)
Trailer Park Refugees Jenn Rich, of the Montauk Project Fred Andrew did some kick-ass instrumentals
patrick_mike_bucket_of_nail.jpg (151466 bytes) patrick_700.jpg (176064 bytes) mike_700.jpg (164432 bytes) dirty_soap_1_700.jpg (134577 bytes) dirty_soap_2_700.jpg (85673 bytes)
Brothers Patrick and Mike, of "Bucket of Nails" Patrick Mike



michelle_700.jpg (120055 bytes) rdp_2_700.jpg (93938 bytes) rdp_1_700.jpg (157426 bytes) rdp_3_700.jpg (91627 bytes) audience_1_700.jpg (115109 bytes)




The audience loved them
dirt_1_700.jpg (134153 bytes) eric_2_700.jpg (147456 bytes) joh_hailee_700.jpg (146175 bytes) eric_hailee_jon_700.jpg (500529 bytes) audience_3_700.jpg (157274 bytes)
Dirt McCoy Eric was interested in getting photos Jon and Hailee were interested in getting something else Oh yeah! The audience
spenser_700.jpg (147452 bytes) jon_sully_700.jpg (129804 bytes) kelley_eric_crystal_700.jpg (124580 bytes) luke_700.jpg (123233 bytes) patrick_dirt_700.jpg (447630 bytes)
Spenser Jonathan Kelley, Eric and Crystal Luke Patrick and Dirt discussed Einstein's theory of relativity
sterling_700.jpg (123234 bytes) sterling_sully_jon_2.jpg (90690 bytes) sterling_sully_jon_1.jpg (71763 bytes) sterling_sully_jon_3.jpg (79915 bytes) the_spheres_700.jpg (87044 bytes)



and Jon

The Spheres
audience_4_700.jpg (107347 bytes) tim_wife_700.jpg (79255 bytes) audience_2_700.jpg (100714 bytes) christina_artie_700.jpg (77588 bytes) rocko_dirt_700.jpg (91339 bytes)
Tim and his wife Christina and Artie Rocko & Dirt
zach_700.jpg (132585 bytes)
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May 22, 2007 Photos
audience_5_700.jpg (149246 bytes) audience_1_700.jpg (155806 bytes) audience_6_700.jpg (164712 bytes) audience_3_700.jpg (183508 bytes) audience_4_700.jpg (153689 bytes)
Robbie relaxing Heather's Mom came from N.Y. Jon says, "A little wine makes everything smoother."
dirt_700.jpg (145286 bytes) billy_jewel_700.jpg (144389 bytes) Click on photos to enlarge christian_700.jpg (154491 bytes) clayton_700.jpg (143566 bytes)
Dirt McCoy Billy Jewel Christian Clayton was the stand-up comic for the evening
adam_nate_700.jpg (83965 bytes) dirty_soap_700.jpg (81103 bytes) audience_2_700.jpg (107199 bytes) emma_700.jpg (97970 bytes) fish_flaps_1_700.jpg (121807 bytes)
Adam & Nate Dirty Soap Heather, Mom & Christian Emma X Fish Flaps
fish_flaps_2_700.jpg (134983 bytes) jenn_700.jpg (155809 bytes) kelley_craven_700.jpg (148354 bytes) lauren_carter_700.jpg (136116 bytes) michelle_700.jpg (127244 bytes)
Fish Flaps with keyboard Jenn Kelley Craven Lauren Carter Michelle
no_name_band_700.jpg (85194 bytes) refugees_1_700.jpg (103645 bytes) refugees_2_700.jpg (116125 bytes) robbie_dirt_700.jpg (138200 bytes) roger_lee_700.jpg (171246 bytes)
Sterling and the "No Name" band

Trailer Park


Dirt and Robbie Roger Lee
sam_metro_700.jpg (138661 bytes) spencer_700.jpg (120452 bytes) tim_2_700.jpg (127716 bytes) tim_700.jpg (131010 bytes) zach_700.jpg (89611 bytes)
Sam Metro Spencer Tim Tim Zach
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May 29, 2007 Photos
artie_couch_700.jpg (177126 bytes) artie_counter_700.jpg (165727 bytes) audience_guitar_1_700.jpg (127298 bytes) audience_guitar_2_700.jpg (108394 bytes) it_wasnt_me_700.jpg (146463 bytes)
Artie came too late to play, on stage, anyway Cheez, I got to pay for this!



My, what big eyes you have
christian_700.jpg (137677 bytes) jim_700.jpg (165932 bytes) robin_700.jpg (139765 bytes) roger_lee_700.jpg (125857 bytes) michelle_700.jpg (142738 bytes)
Christian Jim Robin Roger Lee Michelle
craig_rocko_1_700.jpg (83880 bytes) dirt_craig_1_700.jpg (75394 bytes) dirt_craig_rocko_1_700.jpg (88192 bytes) dirt_craig_rocko_2_700.jpg (88011 bytes) dirt_rocko_1_700.jpg (91016 bytes)
Craig, a professional violinist sat in with the boys
mike_700.jpg (139563 bytes) dirty_soap_1_700.jpg (78786 bytes) dirty_soap_2_700.jpg (126415 bytes) dirty_soap_3_700.jpg (87570 bytes) dirty_soap_couch_700.jpg (82212 bytes)
Mike, relaxing Dirty Soap On stage and off
emma_shaun_1_700.jpg (115616 bytes) emma_shaun_2_700.jpg (159215 bytes) billy_jewel_700.jpg (81041 bytes) t_shirt_front_700.jpg (55880 bytes) t_shirt_back_700.jpg (96885 bytes)
Emma X and Shaun Billy Jewel Dirty Soap Stinkin' Fresh
galen_1_700.jpg (137516 bytes) galen_2_700.jpg (138855 bytes) galen_3_700.jpg (149971 bytes) galen_dirt_1_700.jpg (100811 bytes) galen_refugee_700.jpg (85864 bytes)
Galen is only 10, but he sings and plays a mean Johnny Cash The youngest refugee
the_whistlestop_1_700.jpg (76179 bytes) kamikaze_pilots_4_700.jpg (94452 bytes) kamikaze_pilots_1_700.jpg (131381 bytes) kamikaze_pilots_2_700.jpg (82366 bytes) kamikaze_pilots_3_700.jpg (81175 bytes)
The Whistlestop These guys finally got a name "Kamikaze Pilots"
tim_2_700.jpg (137168 bytes) zach_700.jpg (152191 bytes) tim_1_700.jpg (160157 bytes)
Zach is flanked by Tim, on both sides
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