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Black Cat Cafe

First Unitarian Church of Orlando
1901 East Robinson Street
(407) 898-3621

Open Mic on 2nd Friday - 7:30 - 11:30 PM or so
Sign up at 6:30 PM

$2 cover if you're not performing

This Open Mic has been going continuously since 1994

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March 9  April 13  May 11


Photos from March 9, 2007

ben_buckingham_1.gif (572469 bytes)

guitar_player.gif (109167 bytes)

john_fernandez.gif (532524 bytes) old_guys.gif (235111 bytes) tom_cook.gif (536443 bytes)
Ben Buckingham started us off Then John Cunningham John Fernandez Old Guys on the Porch Top Cat
jim_allen.gif (512436 bytes) chip_dockery.gif (398090 bytes) stephen_grayce.gif (409903 bytes) jeri_simpson.gif (426383 bytes) luv_me_deux.gif (227376 bytes)
Jim Allen Chip Dockery Stephen Grayce Jeri Simpson Luv Me Deux
ben_buckingham_2.gif (419487 bytes) geoff_alba.gif (525128 bytes) sound_man.gif (237652 bytes)
Ben came back for a second set Goeff Alba Don't forget the sound man
jeri_and_kristen.gif (244857 bytes)
Jeri and Kristen practiced outside
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Photos from April 13, 2007
guitar_player.gif (109167 bytes) aiyana_1.jpg (125600 bytes) aiyana_2.jpg (74829 bytes) jim_allen.jpg (170756 bytes) caroline_ele.jpg (98168 bytes)
John C. opened the evening Aiyana Cadwell played beautiful songs on the Baby Grand Jim Allen Caroline & Ele made their Aca Pella debut
stephen_grayce.jpg (187077 bytes) ogop.jpg (85803 bytes) ogop_lynn_marny.jpg (101044 bytes) phil_schneider.jpg (167287 bytes) bari.jpg (190084 bytes)
Stephen Grayce Old Guys on the Porch (OGOTP) OGOTP with Lynn and Marney Phil Schneider came from Lakeland Bari Clark
tom_mccabe.jpg (187775 bytes) susie.jpg (197712 bytes) jeri.jpg (161260 bytes) blues_matters.jpg (86610 bytes) crowd_1.jpg (86127 bytes)
Toby McCabe made his Black Cat debut Susie Cool brought a brand new song Jeri Simpson Blues Matters The crowd
crowd_2.jpg (87985 bytes) crowd_3.jpg (126292 bytes) Jeri filmed the performers-->> jeri_cam_1.jpg (128689 bytes) jeri_cam_2.jpg (165630 bytes)
enjoyed the evening How the heck does this stupid thing work? Ah!  I see, now. Turn the power on and point!
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Photos from May 11, 2007
menu_700.jpg (114659 bytes) john_c_1_700.jpg (194220 bytes) mark_smith_700.jpg (165540 bytes) top_cat_700.jpg (178645 bytes) jim_allen_700.jpg (161129 bytes)
We had a full menu John C opened the evening Mark Smith returned after a long hiatus Top Cat Jim Allen
garrison_doles_700.jpg (163046 bytes) stephen_grayce_700.jpg (169300 bytes) caroline_ele_700.jpg (82586 bytes) ele_caroline_piano_700.jpg (142715 bytes) bari_700.jpg (175664 bytes)
Garrison Doles Stephen Grayce Caroline & Ele sang for us then did a piano duet Mom did her stuff
blues_matters_700.jpg (88016 bytes) ben_buckingham_700.jpg (157306 bytes) charlie_700.jpg (180473 bytes) susie_stuart_700.jpg (147753 bytes) jeri_susie_stuart_700.jpg (100412 bytes)
And, of course, Blues Matters Ben Buckingham Charlie made his Black Cat debut Susie Cool & Stuart Hall then Jeri joined to make it a trio
jeri_stuart_700.jpg (110553 bytes) chip_700.jpg (172085 bytes) audience_1_700.jpg (77937 bytes) three_girls_700.jpg (68477 bytes) tom_at_work_700.jpg (138286 bytes)
and then it was Jeri and Stuart with Chip finishing out the evening The audience was pleased So were the girls at the front table while Tom was busy working
mark_laila_700.jpg (132991 bytes) stuart_table_700.jpg (160016 bytes) sound_team_700.jpg (111376 bytes) top_cat_table.jpg (96204 bytes)
Mark brought his fiancee, Laila.  The wedding is June 30 Stuart brought his friend The sound team enjoyed themselves Tom provided sweet backup music from his table
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