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R.I.P. Push Play Cafe has been sold.  It will re-open as "Daily Grind Coffee House and Cafe" 

The doors to the cafe will be closed for a short period of time for re-modeling starting on 4/21/2008.

It is expected that the open mics will resume at the end of the re-modeling period.


Push Play Cafe

3100 Alafaya Trail
Oviedo, FL
(407) 977-9199 

Push Play Live Wire
Saturday April 12, 2008
Wow, it's been such a journey. For those of you who have not heard, Java Dave's Push Play Cafe has been sold. Our fate is in the hands of a mainstream coffee co. (Corporate America, here we come!), though we cannot disclose who just yet. We tried very hard to survive in the world of Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos and Frappuccinos, but in the end, we never quite made it.
Now, that is not to say that we failed. This coffee shop has done exactly what it was supposed to--it brought people together. For 14 months we have had the priveledge of providing a place where all members of the community could come together, where people came together. Bible studies, first dates, comedy nights, study groups, rock and roll, hip hop, open mics, art shows, jam bands, "Dog Day Sundays"... we've had it all. What more could we ask for? You have all allowed us to be a part of your lives, and we have been happy to have you as part of ours.
When I came in to interview with Michael, I knew this was a place where I wanted to be. His enthusiasm for the arts, for people, for life, is what attracted me to Push Play Cafe. I have been so lucky to work with people on such an intimate level, and to be able to walk away with more friends I than I ever could have imagined. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future, and I hope that you continue to grow within these four walls. It won't be the same, but if there is one thing I learned here it's that life is what you make of it.
So let us all make the best of this "new chapter" (as Michael would say) and celebrate tonight with all of the love and energy that's been put into this cafe over the past 14 months.
Goodbye Push Play fans, we hope to see you all tonight :)
- Kara Werner
Saturday April 12, 2008
Open Mic Hours:
(no, that is not a misprint!)

Java Dave's Push Play Cafe
3100 Alafaya Trail
Suite 1018
Oviedo, FL 32765
(407) 977-9199


Open Mic every Saturday  8 PM - 2 AM

Michael is the host


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October 6, 2007 Photos

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max_700.jpg (144991 bytes) matt_dupree_700.jpg (172726 bytes) nicki_joel_700.jpg (93026 bytes)
Kara will serve you Michael was the initial host Max hosted the rest of the evening Matt Dupree Nicki & Joel watched
peter_700.jpg (135516 bytes) steve_john_1_700.jpg (129521 bytes) steve_john_2_700.jpg (119801 bytes) steve_john_3_700.jpg (127165 bytes) cliff_700.jpg (113924 bytes)
Peter Baldwin


and John


Cliff opened the HSE set
scott_dave_700.jpg (105426 bytes) derek_1_700.jpg (114161 bytes) nicki_joel_matt_700.jpg (97836 bytes) crowd_derek_700.jpg (82848 bytes) crowd_steve_derek_700.jpg (88058 bytes)
Scott & Dave Derek Nicki, Joel & Matt

The crowd

had fun

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October 20, 2007 Photos

amber_700.jpg (142034 bytes)

brent_moss_700.jpg (155693 bytes)

cliff_roebuck_700.jpg (94440 bytes) derek_herndon_700.jpg (119947 bytes) jesse_amos_700.jpg (110680 bytes)
Hi Amber Brent Moss Cliff Roebuck Derek Herndon Jesse took photos
john_langfron_700.jpg (153585 bytes) kristen_bruno_700.jpg (159617 bytes) sam_spencer_700.jpg (139132 bytes) maggie_melville_700.jpg (186302 bytes) matt_700.jpg (148340 bytes)
John Langfron

Kristen Bruno

Sam Spencer

Maggie Melville

Matt Dupree
max_behrman_700.jpg (141254 bytes) o_canlon_700.jpg (80056 bytes) the_bench_700.jpg (76259 bytes) scott_dave_700.jpg (80363 bytes) susie_cool_700.jpg (127136 bytes)
Max Behrman O'Canlon The Bench Scott & Dave Susie Cool
tony_maggie_tracy_700.jpg (68988 bytes)

johnc_700.jpg (372844 bytes)

jesse_cliff_parking_lot_700.jpg (77221 bytes)
Tony, Maggie & Tracy John Cunningham Jesse & Cliff in the parking lot
crowd_1_700.jpg (93915 bytes) crowd_2_700.jpg (94378 bytes) Click on Photos to enlarge crowd_3_700.jpg (65176 bytes) crowd_4_700.jpg (85006 bytes)
The Crowd


Laid-back crowd

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