General Note:  Studio Cafe Open Mic is held on the FIRST and THIRD Friday, 7 PM

The Last Open Mic is Friday November 7, 2008


I was informed today that Friday, 7 Nov 2008, will be the last night that Studio Cafe Open Mic will operate.
Ross and Mary have done a superb job of providing our community with a first-class welcoming venue for musicians of all talent levels, and deserve the thanks of all who honor authentic music.  Studio has been honored to give some excellent local talent their first time "in the spotlight".  We had the best food, best drink, best atmosphere, best talent, and the loveliest and best  "baristas" to be found in Central Florida.  To a large degree, we were family, which was the way Ross and Mary wanted it to be.  The spirit and commitment never wavered, but the financial realities of these times must be acknowledged.
And in keeping with the feeling of community and family, Ross was not going to just close the doors with no warning.  He and Mary are keeping Studio open through our next scheduled date so that no local musician is denied a final opportunity to perform there.
I know that this date is head-to-head with Rubicon, an excellent venue in it's own right.  However, I am asking all of the "Studio Family" and those of the  larger Central Florida music community who can to make an exception if necessary to play a farewell performance at Studio.  I ask not for myself in any way at all.....I ask for Ross and Mary and Robin and Tiffany and Jessica who have worked so hard to make Studio the wonderful place it is.
Our normal start time is 7:00 PM, but I will have all the equipment up and ready to go from 3 PM on until ????????? to give any and all a last chance to perform there.
In addition to the normal Studio contact numbers, please feel free to email me at or call 407-857-0828 if I can assist with your performance options or desires.
Please pass this along to any and all whom you think would like to participate in a fond and rousing farewell to The Studio Cafe.
Let's Keep the Music Playin',
Chip Dockery



Sets begin at 7 PM and go until 10 PM

Call ahead for a time slot

 (407) 897-7081