133 S. Orange Avenue

Orlando, FL

(407) 404-6489


Open Mic Every Sat. 7:30 PM

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The following message is from your host, Jim:


The most convenient parking is in the parking garage for the Plaza theatre. Don't panic about the 9.00 dollar parking fee. Buy a cup of coffee, a beer, or a glass of wine and the parking is free. It is a nice venue and the number of musicians showing up is slowly increasing.

  It is a true open mic night. Every one that shows will get their time. All skill levels are welcome and you will not be cut short like some open mics nights I have been to. No featured artist taking up a lot of the time that we have. If it's crowded, we are doing 20 min slots. If it is slow, there will be more time available for each musician.

  You can find me on Facebook @ My Open Mike. This is a new page and I will be updating my schdule and putting up pictures from the last week Open Mic. I am also going to get a web page up and will let you know when it is ready.

  Jim Lavender




Jim and Mark are the hosts






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