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Central Florida Folk hosts house concerts on the last Sunday of the month, in Villa ConRoy (Orlando), except for the month of May.   The Florida Folk Festival is always held on the last weekend in May.  Concerts in November and December are either not held, or, held on a date that does not conflict with Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Concerts begin at 2:30 PM.

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We're always looking for new ways to bring the best in live folk music to you. Always, feel free to contact us at CentralFloridaFolk@gmail.com with your comments, suggestions and ideas.

Our Venue for Central Florida Folk
"End of the Month" House Concerts
 is Villa ConRoy

1521 West Ivanhoe Boulevard

Orlando, FL 32804

Contact Sheila
407 - 679 - 6426
or CentralFloridaFolk@gmail.com 

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Villa ConRoy Schedule

Date Performer Opening Act
July 31 Lon & Lis Williamson  Paul Garfinkel
August 28 Bill & Eli Perras  Stephanie Barker
September 25 Laurie McClain  Jim Gilmour
October 30 Dan Navarro  None
November No Regular EOM Concert - Thanksgiving
December 11 Tim & Myles Thompson  Cindy Bear


January 29 Andrew McKnight   Nicholas Roberts
February 26 Neptunes Car  James Hawkins
March 26 Tim Farrell  Katie Grace Helow
April 30 Fritction Farm Elaine Mahon
May No Show - See You at the   65th Annual Florida Folk Festival
June 25 Rod MacDonald  Dianne Martin Karelovich
July 30 "Pending"  Complicated Animals
August 27 Roy Schneider  Sandy and Sharon's Porch Revue
September 24 Annalise Emerick  Tom Scudiero
October 29 Chasing Lovely  Wild Cotton - JD Smith and Stan Geberer
December 10 Annie Wenz  TBD


January 29 Roy Book Binder  TBD
February 25 Tom Kimmel  TBD
March 25 Rupert Wates  TBD
April 29 Curtis and Loretta  TBD

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"End of the Month" Concerts for Last Quarter of 2010 were held at the Osteen Diner 

Osteen Diner

Date Performer Opening Act
August 29 Mark Stuart  2 PM
September 26 The Ashley Gang Barry Brogan
October 31 James Hawkins Susie Cool and the Coolottes
November 28 Mindy Simmons Joe Mark and Michelle Lowe
Scroll down for previous "Villa ConRoy" concert information
Date Performer Opening Act
Jan. 30 Bill & Kate Isles   Friction Farm
Feb. 27 Rachael Sage
Frank and Patti Sanzone
Mar. 27

Doug Spears

Robin & Eddy
Apr. 24 Buddy Mondlock  Sharon Osuna
May No Show - See You at the Florida Folk Festival  
Jun. 26 Doug Alan Wilcox , with a special appearance by Frank Thomas  
Jul. 31 Rod MacDonald  HairPeace
Aug. 28

Ben Bedford 

Ken Skeens & Leigh Goldsmith
Sept. 25 Amilia K. Spicer   Jackson Creek
Oct. 30 Bob Rafkin  Aslyn and the Naysayers
November No Concert - Thanksgiving  
December No Concert - Christmas  


Jan. 29 Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen  No opening act
Feb. 12 Barry Brogan, Lisa Firestone and Susie Cool at the Downtown Orlando Library as part of United Arts of Central Florida ArtsFest  n/a
Feb. 26 Grant Livingston  Stone Family Band 
Youtube link at Barberville
Mar. 25 C. Daniel Boling  Backintyme
Apr. 29 Harpeth Rising  Jesse Sam Owens
May No Show - See You at the 60th Annual Florida Folk Festival  
Jun. 24 Tammerlin  Maja Gitana
Jul. 29 Rebecca Zapen  Chris Kahl
Aug. 26 Jerry Mincey  Scott & Michelle Dalziel
Sept. 30 Sarah McQuaid  String Theory Acoustic Trio
Oct. 28 Caroline Aiken  Too Many Smiths
November No Concert - Thanksgiving  
Dec. 9 Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart  Asli Goncer



January 12 Mean Mary - SPECIAL CONCERT    
January 13 Mean Mary and Mindy Simmons  - SPECIAL CONCERT    
January 27 Small Potatoes Bardic Rose
February 24 Gypsy Wind    Barry Brogan
March 8 Darryl Wise & Bob Patterson at Casa Feliz - Winter Park - Map Link This is a special concert at Casa Feliz in Winter Park - 7 - 9 PM
March 24 Patchouli  The Storytelling Sims
April 28 Bob Lind  Bill & Eli Perras
May No Show - See You at the   61st Annual Florida Folk Festival  
June 30 Larry Mangum  Gail Carson
July 28 The Ashley Gang  Mary Beth and Friends
August 25 Charley Groth  Chris Kastle
September 29 Claude Bourbon  Al Poindexter
October 27 Andrew Calhoun  Lucky Mud
November No Concert - Thanksgiving  
December 15 Michael Johnathon  Emmitt Carlisle


January 26 Ronny Cox Deux Oh
February 23 Achilles Wheel  Lauren Nicole Heintz
March 30 William Florian  none
April 27 Bob Patterson  Mike Campbell
May No Show - See You at the   62nd Annual Florida Folk Festival  www.floridastateparks.org/folkfest/default.cfm  
June 29 Michael Reno Harrell Flagship Romance
July 27 Brian Smalley Frank Julian
August 31 Maja Gitana  none
September 28 Bing Futch  Elaine Mahon
October 26 Friction Farm  Charlie Robertson
November No Concert - Thanksgiving Josh Harty
December 14 Jennings and Keller   


January 25 Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen  none
February 22 Jon Shain  Charley Simmons
March 29 Rob Lytle      Brett Cammack
April 26 Curtis & Loretta  Susie Cool
May No Show - See You at the   63rd Annual Florida Folk Festival  https://www.floridastateparks.org/folkfest   
June 28 Pierce Pettis  The WillowWacks 
July 26 Gypsy Star  The Getbye
August 30 Lucky Mud  Dell Smith
September 27 Mindy Simmons  John French 
October 25 Brendan Nolan  The Dunn Deal
November No Regular EOM Concert - Thanksgiving  
December 13 2 PM  Tony Macaluso


January 31 The WillowWacks  The Hummingbirds
February 28 Marc Black  Joey Errigo
March 20 Bill & Kate Isles  Carly Bak
April 24 The Roadside Revue  M.T. Pawketts Lite
May No Show - See You at the   64th Annual Florida Folk Festival  
June 26 Mark Stuart  Rebekah Pulley


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