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If you want to see other images from the festival, go to the official website of the Florida Faux Festival, www.cffolk.com 

To go directly to the festival images on that site Click Here


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contra_dancers_700.jpg (102558 bytes) barnstorm_700.jpg (112981 bytes) banjos_3_700.jpg (103320 bytes) susie_cd_table_700.jpg (120491 bytes) counter_man_700.jpg (59732 bytes) lobby_audience_3_700.jpg (79119 bytes)
The Contra Dancers Lined up under the tent Barnstorm provided the music Check those banjos CFF volunteers manned the tables Our server The lobby audience
currence_700.jpg (135689 bytes) stuart_steve_700.jpg (138846 bytes) lobby_audience_2_700.jpg (92646 bytes) halper_audience_700.jpg (93656 bytes) doug_photo_taking_700.jpg (123308 bytes) bobbie_taking_photo_700.jpg (63107 bytes)
Steve Currence Stu and Steve



Is Doug taking

a picture of Bobbie?

dan_gribbin_700.jpg (135100 bytes) brogan_1_700.jpg (127575 bytes) chris_kahl_700.jpg (125958 bytes) parker_brothers_700.jpg (94988 bytes) bob_rafkin_2_700.jpg (156111 bytes) amy_2_700.jpg (112198 bytes)
Dan Gribbin Barry Brogan Chris Kahl The Allen Brothers Bob Rafkin Amy Carol Webb
jazzmin_1_700.jpg (85540 bytes) jazzmin_4_700.jpg (63181 bytes) florida_transplants_700.jpg (69389 bytes) blues_got_us_1_700.jpg (80418 bytes) blues_got_us_2_700.jpg (72016 bytes) daughters_of_florida_folk_2.jpg (84307 bytes)
Jazzmin + Stuart Jazzmin Florida Transplants Blues Got Us Blues Got Us Daughters of Florida Folk
doug_spears_700.jpg (134045 bytes) grant_livingston_700.jpg (129246 bytes) doug_halper_700.jpg (133043 bytes) doug_halper_3_700.jpg (124639 bytes) garrison_doles_2_700.jpg (117847 bytes) george_gibson_700.jpg (99762 bytes)
Doug Spears Grant Livingston Doug Halper Doug Halper Garrison Doles George Gibson
hymn_and_her_2_700.jpg (126363 bytes) hymn_and_her_4_700.jpg (146203 bytes) green_guitar_700.jpg (192646 bytes) lisa_firestone_1_700.jpg (108668 bytes) james_hawkins_700.jpg (138589 bytes) sharon_osuna_700.jpg (118862 bytes)
Hymn & Her Hymn & Her Autographed guitar for raffle to support folk music Lisa Firestone James Hawkins Sharon Osuna
jeannie_fitchen_2_700.jpg (109327 bytes) jeannie_fitchen_700.jpg (134684 bytes) jeff_howell_2_700.jpg (121500 bytes) ken_and_leigh_700.jpg (119536 bytes) lathan_hudson_700.jpg (115238 bytes) micro_tones_1_700.jpg (121389 bytes)
Jeannie Fitchen Jeannie Fitchen Jeff Howell Ken & Leigh Lathan Hudson Microtones
toby_bonar_700.jpg (141558 bytes) terri_binion_700.jpg (137439 bytes) stuart_guitar_amy_700.jpg (145039 bytes) stuart_sound_booth_700.jpg (87996 bytes) stuart_guitar_lobby_700.jpg (182358 bytes) susie_1_700.jpg (156947 bytes)
Toby Bonar Terri Binion Mindy presented Stuart with a signed guitar for getting together with Cap to put on a "bad idea"

Thanks to you both.

Stuart in control at the sound booth Nice guitar Susie waiting her turn on stage
mindy_simmons_700.jpg (60503 bytes) susie_2_700.jpg (70834 bytes) parker_brothers_stage_700.jpg (66756 bytes) micro_tones_2_700.jpg (72345 bytes) stuart_close_700.jpg (53788 bytes) work_release_2_700.jpg (81834 bytes)
Mindy Simmons Susie Cool The Allen Brothers (Dad is the backup guy) Stuart Hall and the Microtones Hi Stu Work Release Program

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